The inspiration of The Lakes theme draws from the sites' evocative natural history and provided the vision for creating a unique and expansive residential community developed amongst park-like surroundings.

The Lakes is about creating a memorable landscape. Building on the past for each sculpture reflects the strong design elements inherent to the valley history. It is thought that the famous Taupo eruption of 166 AD wiped out the forest that once covered the valley floor where The Lakes now stands today. 

Excavations revealed numerous logs and fragments of old growth forests suspected to have been destroyed in the eruption. This is represented in the sculptured falling logs on Lake Boulevard – a symbolic appreciation of the sites historical links.

The Lakes wooden statues

Lake Taurikura

The name of the main lake Taurikura comes from the legend of Princess Taurikura who once lived in these valleys. Her story tells us that in a disagreement with her Grandfather one night she changed herself into a Mokomoko (lizard) and created the nearby Kopurererua River as an escape route out through the Waikareao Estuary on her journey to Karewa island where she resides to this day as the ancestor of the famous Mokomoko.....the Tuatara.

Mortlake Heights Lot 575 - Before and After

Mortlake Heights - Before
Mortlake Heights - Before
​Mortlake Heights - After
Mortlake Heights - After

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