Vision & Mission

The Lakes Vision

With the vision to create a community that is a natural extension of the land, The Lakes utilises the natural assets of the environment, so that people can live in and appreciate the old and the new, preserving the history of the natural surroundings so that it can be appreciated in many years to come.

The Lakes long term vision is to create the best natural environment, developed in a socially sustainable manner, ensuring we make this community a better place for all to enjoy for many years to come.

The Lakes Mission

  • 2081 sections
  • 2 hectares of commercial and local business

Comprising 254 hectares The Lakes is designed with the community in mind.

The new suburb will include 2081 residential sections which will house over 7000 people.

Residents will be able to enjoy their very own Shopping Village - featuring Maude café/bar (across from an exciting playground with a flying fox), plus foodie outlets including Turkish, Japanese (sushi), Indian, Fish n Chips, a Four Square and physio.


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