UltraFast Fibre Broadband

Important information about telecommunication premises wiring:

 It is important for you to know that the telecommunications wiring requirements for premises in a subdivision connected by Fibre are different from the requirements for connecting to the traditional copper network.  

Any new homes in the subdivision should be installed with telecommunications cabling that complies with the Telecommunications Carrier’s Forum Premises Wiring Code. Failure to install telecommunications wiring that meets the standard in the code may mean services will not function as expected within the home.

The Lakes are pleased to inform you that we are now being proactive in providing Fibre where possible to new sections being developed.

To date, we have instructed Chorus to provide Fibre to the boundary of each section in Benmore Crescent at the Pinnacle and internal roading sections in Ellesmere Close at Central.  Chorus wiring requirements are available on their website.

Click below to view plans of sections where fibre is provided at The Lakes currently:
- Benmore Crescent, the Pinnacle (Stage 2K/M)
- Ellesmere Close, Central at The Lakes (Stages 2N/I)

In Rochfort Crescent and Conniston Way (Stage 2Q/R/S/T), Stage 2P and Lakes Boulevard South onwards - Stage 3, Ultrafast Fibre has been contracted to provide Fibre to the boundary of all sections within these stages.  More information on this service can be obtained by reading their newsletter or from their website.


Should you have any questions or queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact Simon (sales@thelakestauranga.co.nz) or phone 07 543 1730.



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