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Water Playground

There's nothing more exciting to a youngster than the discovery of a new playground yet to be explored - and the most recent playground constructed at The Lakes may be the most exciting thus far!

Come along and explore the brand new, super-cool water playground on Pakanga Grove! There's all kinds of levers to pull and handles to turn to direct and influence the water, and plenty of fun to be had.

Make sure to bring along a change of clothes for the kids!

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The area where our new playground is located hasn't quite made it to Google maps yet, so we have included some basic instructions below on how to get there:
  • Go to the top of Lakes Boulevard and turn right on to Te Ranga Memorial Drive.
  • Continue down the hill and turn left on to Pakanga Grove.
  • Follow the road along and you'll see it on your left - you can't miss it.

Location of new water park at The Lakes Tauranga


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