Tilting the Golden Triangle – why Tauranga might just be the new place to be.

Aucklanders really have the best of everything in Tauranga. With a 25 minute flight home or a two and half hour drive, the northern city never really feels too far away for Tauranga locals.

Each year, a thousand new Auckland families are choosing to call Tauranga home, finding that the laid back Bay of Plenty lifestyle is beating the perks of being amongst Auckland’s sprawling metropolis.

The city’s world class beach and new-age global feel means that many Aucklanders are choosing to stay for good after spending their summer holiday with us here in the Bay. The safe city streets, dotted with alternative cafes, hidden-away op-shops, colourfully themed restaurants and boardwalk food trucks are bringing wanderers from world over, while the family oriented beach culture keeps the city feeling authentic, and undeniably Kiwi.

More than just a holiday spot, the city has gained critical acclaim for its strong economic environment and innovation opportunity. Combined with the strength of local high schools and the varied career prospects available, Tauranga has developed into a hub for innovation, design and business talent. Locals get to tap into Auckland’s market opportunity, but can live and work in a family oriented community, with a range of activities and outdoor pursuits readily available.

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